Sanitisation for Car Dealerships

The Sanity System is ideal for sanitising cars during servicing or sales activities. 

Top Reasons to Choose the Sanity System for your Car Dealership

  • Easy to use (Fully automatic with no manual labour)
  • Extremely Efficient (Sanitises all surfaces and touch-points including seats, dashboard, glass. Will also sanitise anything left in the vehicle such as toys, uniforms, tools, etc.)
  • Fast (Sanitise the entire car and all its contents in less than half an hour)
  • Cost Effective Revenue Generator (Treatments sell for as much as £25)
  • Certified and Safe (Marketing Pack with Certification Supplied)
  • Used and Endorsed by many OEM’s

Number 1 in the UK for Car and Automotive Related Sanitisation


Eliminate Virus's & Bacteria

Proven to remove 99.9% of Virus’ and Bacteria including SARS COV-2, the Virus responsible for Covid-19.

Eradicate Unwanted Smells

Permanently removes smells and unwanted odours as well as sanitising the entire air conditioning system of the vehicle.

Tested and Certified

The system is Certified and Tested to be effective against E.Coli, MRSA. and SARS-CoV-2 the virus that causes COVID-19.

Completely Natural & Ecological

Proprietary technology produces the appropriate levels of Ozone needed to sanitise. No additional chemicals used.

Choose the Tested and Certified Sanitisation System for the Automotive Industry

The Sanity System is a specially designed vehicle sanitisation system used and endorsed by OEMS, Dealer Groups, Ambulances, Police Cars, Busses, Vans, Trucks, and Haulage businesses.

Ozone gas is recommended to sanitise surfaces, objects, and the materials of your car’s interior. Everyday vehicles’ interiors hold millions of particles and pathogen agents carried by the air, people and animals. Fabric and seats absorb the bad odours, while tapestry and children’s seats attract bacteria and allergens.

Sanitising with our Ozone gas generators provides a deeper and more wholistic sanitisation than others, because it kills more than 99% of all pathogens such as bacteria, moulds, fungi, and viruses, including COVID-19, which may be present in your vehicle.

Badge your cars online with official Sanity System logos


How does it work in a car?

The Sanity System is so easy to operate that any competent member of staff will be able to sanitise a vehicle. Follow these simple steps and the interior of your chosen vehicle will be freshly sanitised to a medical grade standard.


Step 1: Prepare the Car

Close all the windows and doors, set the air conditioning to ‘Recycle’, fan to high and the temperature to cold and make sure there are no people or pets present in the vehicle.

Step 2: Start the Sanity System

Place the Sanity System in the centre of the car, choose the appropriate programme for the size of the vehicle being treated and start the machine before exiting the vehicle.

Step 3: While Sanitising...

Lock the vehicle and prevent any customers or staff from entering it until the treatment is complete. Refer here for a guide to treatment lengths.

Step 4: Open the Doors

Once the treatment has been completed and the red light has deactivated on the Sanity System, your car is now sanitised and ready for reoccupation. That’s all there is to it!

PS. Don’t forget to place the service sticker, rear-view hanger and certificate in the vehicle if you haven’t already done so. Your customers will be highly impressed! 

Professional Point of Sale Marketing

Umesh Samani

Case Study 
Umesh Samani

One of the first dealers in the UK to put the Sanity System to work Umesh Samani uses it on every singe car he sells and services as well as encouraging previous customers to come by the dealership and have their cars sanitised free of charge. No wonder his customer retention rate is so good!

We go one stage further than other dealers with our Sanitisation. For us, the fact that the Sanity System doesn’t use any chemicals to sanitise a car is absolutely incredible. We love that it kills all the bacteria as well as virus’s and of course COVID-19. We recommend using it to get rid of unwanted smells, especially in summer when the Air-con comes back on again.

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The Science behind the Sanity System